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What People Are Saying...

Wow! Really, I mean it, Helen… You have a real talent you know… Your report shook my heart - it felt like the dark place of my soul saying 'Wake up, girl!' I hope I can!

Tara Turner (London, UK)
Designer of Tara Turner Jewellery

I'm still in awe - Helen Elizabeth, I think you are definitely at the top of the list of the most brilliant and inspiring people I've ever met! Thanks for today, it was powerful beyond words...

Working with Helen Elizabeth and experiencing her powerful combination of hand analysis and psychoastrology was a real eye-opener for me. Every challenge I had or have been facing can be explained by the profound information and advice she gave me!

This new awareness, as well as Helen Elizabeth’s strategies support me in overcoming my challenges as well as supporting me to leap into my life purpose faster and more fully.

Knowing my purpose helps me make better and more efficient business and life decisions.

It’s extraordinary how deep, impactful, practical and true the hand and natal chart analyses are.

I strongly recommend Helen Elizabeth’s services – they deliver on their promise, and she is a fabulous expert to collaborate with – highly intuitive, compassionate, warm and with an amazing energy about her that will open you up and make you step into your brilliance. Thank you so much, Helen Elizabeth!

Martina Srblin (Europe)
International Brand Development Consultant

I decided to have a reading with Helen because I was hugely curious about hand analysis. I’d met Helen at a conference and she’d given me a quick taster of what she was able to do, and in just 5 minutes she pinpointed so much truth about where I was at and where I wanted to go that I knew I wanted to find out more.

During the reading, Helen explained to me the meaning of my life purpose – what I was truly put here to do, and also explained the intricacies of my life lesson and life school.

These were the points that I needed to fully engage with and learn more about in order to expand myself and my business in the way I knew had been calling me.

The detail that Helen was able to share blew me away, and I’m still processing and learning more about everything we discussed in the reading some 5 months later!

Becoming aware of my life lessons and the challenges I face, and actively working on improving them has helped me to step into my life purpose even more and create my new business ‘The Art of Authentic Success’.

I understand myself so much better and I can recognise my core fears and blocks to my own success.

If you know you are here for a great purpose and would like to experience real clarity around what that means for you then book a session with Helen now!

Dr. Michelle Clarke (Cardiff, Wales, UK)
The Art of Authentic Success
Damsels in Success Leader (Cardiff)

"In 5 minutes Helen Elizabeth told me more about my life purpose, life school and life lesson than I learned elsewhere... You should use her!! She is great."
Angie Zimmerman (California, USA)
The Floral Diva

Helen Elizabeth gave me one of the most powerful experiences I've ever had. She explained things to me that deep down I know to be true, but am afraid to admit to myself at times.

It was very powerful to have someone see those things and to encourage me to embrace the rest of my life in the direction that I should be taking.

Helen Elizabeth is a very gifted, caring & insightful woman. She is also very friendly & approachable and a genuine care & affection for her clients.

I'd thoroughly recommend her.

Shay Allie (London, UK)
Barrister & Stage Mentor

"Helen's reading was spot on! I so highly recommend you get a reading with her - what she provides is so clear and valuable."
Kim Hodous (Arkansas, USA)
President & CEO - Rockwood Jewellery

Helen Elizabeth is simply brilliant. I would recommend her to every woman out there who needs intelligent and insightful information about what will make them truly happy and successful.

I and a group of other professional women worked with her recently and what she revealed to us each individually about ourselves has left an indelible and positive mark on our future selves.

A great deal of scepticism greeted her at the beginning of the evening - "how could our handprint really point to our life's purpose?"

By the end of the session we each gazed at her in respectful silence - each realising that she, in a impossibly short space of time, had articulated to the core, our strengths, weaknesses, challenges and unique gifts.

Jane-Emma Peerless (London, UK)
Company Director - Caxton FX

"Helen is very authentic and genuine. Her reading touched my inner soul... It was all very true, very real... The way she presented it allowed me to go to the next level in our session."
Shirley Ann Martin (S. Carolina, USA)
Author of "What Mommy Needed to Know"

I had my hand analysis reading with Helen the other day and it was an amazing experience! I had high expectations that were certainly met.

Not only did Helen confirm a few things for me she wowed me with even more details about myself I wasn't expecting at all!

Helen is very compassionate and professional and made me feel at ease as soon as I met her.

I was fascinated by all she had to tell me about my life purpose, my challenges and perspective and she gave me practical strategies I could go away with and work on to make a real difference in my life.

I now know, with pinpoint clarity, not only what my strengths and weaknesses are but how subtly they affect my life for better or worse and what I need to work on to further my growth.

I also know where my passions lie and where to focus my energy for the best results. I feel a lot better and more hopeful for the future since my reading.

In a nutshell, Helen gave me the clarity and purpose I was so desperately seeking. Thank you Helen!

John Crilly (UK)
Customer Service Assistant

"Within 5 minutes Helen told me why I act the way I do, why I get myself into the situations I do. I was lost, Helen focussed me. I finally understand what my passions are, what my purpose is. Thank you, Helen!"

What I love about working with Helen is the way she says it like it is, upfront and matter-of-fact, but in such a way that I feel nurtured and empowered at the same time.

The difference between Helen and most healers is that she is also very pragmatic. She can take theoretical ideas into a place and space beyond the mumbo jumbo to make them real and usable.

It is one thing to know your life purpose, your life lesson and your life school, but how does that help you in your business and everyday life? Helen helped me see what stops me in my life and business and with her keen insight I eliminated my blocks and know how to overcome them in the future.

Helen uses a combination of her tools and intuition to bring clarity to my life as to how knowing these things can benefit me and how best I can use them for their highest good. Life changing, motivating, informational...you name it.

My work with Helen clarified so many things I was struggling with and set me on a new life path. I love her!

Sharon Hess (Phoenix, AZ. USA)
Intuitive Money Healer

"Helen Elizabeth, you are amazing! The information you were able to see from my fingertips was just mind blowing... You made sense! You put it into context the info you access with a real gift..."
Karen Edgar (Leamington Spa, UK)
Damsels Leader for Warwick & Coach at Loving Your Life Purpose

My session with Helen Elizabeth was like a wakeup call that I could no longer ignore. It was inspirational yet very practical.

Helen Elizabeth helped me to clarify my life purpose, but what’s most important is that I learned what my lessons and challenges were and how I can overcome them. This was really crucial to my own personal development.

Helen Elizabeth is extremely resourceful and has a genuine desire to help people. She gave me lots of practical tools and pointed me in the right direction.

Helen Elizabeth really helped me to cut through the overwhelm and give me some laser sharp focus that underpins everything I am working to achieve.

Scientific hand analysis is different to anything else and has the power to change you.

I would highly recommend Helen Elizabeth to anyone who is really serious about taking their life to the next level. Just go for it!

Anna Fesz (London, UK)

"I was a severe skeptic... I can NOT believe the stuff Helen has told me... it is so true! This session really gave me a sense of relief around journey I've been on... ...and the direction I needed!" (Alberta, Canada)

After our session together, my confusion cleared, I have been able to make decisions quickly and best of all, stop wasting time. My energies are focused and I have the confidence to recognise my gifts and to use them. I now have a deep inner connection to my purpose and this inspires me to share with others in a powerful and most profound way.

I met Helen Elizabeth taking hand readings at a women's group meeting. Being both a practical and sceptical person, I thought the readings were fun but not to be taken too seriously. I became involved in conversation with Helen and my curiosity was aroused.

Helen Elizabeth took my hand print and then called to give me my reading, I was astounded.

During the past months, I had been in some doubt and confusion as to how I could move forward in my career. Making decisions and then committing to them was fraught with doubt and fear.

Helen Elizabeth clearly described my strengths and challenges. She was, completely accurate. I reflected on my life and could confirm the information she was giving me was spot on.

Lynne Charlton (Wales, UK)
Young Corporate Women's Empowerment Coach

Helen Elizabeth, you fired me and inspired me! Lots of seeds germinating with all that we were talking about. I should be dog tired, only got about 4 hours cos my mind was buzzing, and just to be clear....
I think you have a real gift for astrology and a brain that just knows where its at. Cant wait for the next chance we get to dive into it all again!

Jocelyne Kelsey Leach
Yoga, Raw Food and Hand Analysis

I can't recommend Helen enough with her expertise, knowledge and warmth she definitely knows her subject inside out and has amazing intuition.

If you are like me and feeling held back and blocked, but you don't understand why this is and you would like some answers, call Helen. You will be like me - so pleased you did!

Before I met Helen I had been feeling very stuck and blocked especially in my work and love life. I have always had a huge interest in astrology then I heard about scientific hand analysis and Helen's life purpose work. After talking with her I just knew I had to book a session.

I was blown away with the information that she revealed and how the information in my hands was confirmed and added to by my astrology chart.

I now have an understanding of my life long lesson and amazingly accurate insight into why things just weren't serving me anymore, what was holding me back and how to move through that. A bit like pieces of a jig saw. It was so SPOT ON!! Thank you very much, Helen.

Sara Lyndley (Berkshire, UK)

My reading has been a blessing in my life.

There were some words used that described really well for me what I was needing to say so it has supported my communication with people just now. I want more and I want to take things further.

Regina Byrne (Dunkalk, Ireland)
Calibrate Coaching

The talented Helen Elizabeth Evans is one of a handful of women who can help you to uncover your true life purpose, authentically, by reading your hands.

When I went to meet her, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but if you’re imagining palmists, psychics or fortune tellers at a fair, then think again.

Helen inks your palm and your fingers on both hands and you press onto paper to provide an imprint from which she takes her readings.

Interestingly, my right hand, which I use a lot, had more intricate fingerprint details than my left, which I rarely use. Each squiggle (my term, not hers) and line tells a story.

Helen Elizabeth is also an astrologer and matches the results found in your hands with detailed information gleaned from your birth chart.

The results are amazing. I had so many moments of crystal clear clarity that I was almost overwhelmed

Many insights reached back to my earliest childhood memories and I saw recurring patterns of behaviour for the very first time in my life. I now have a real understanding of why I do things that sometimes are less than helpful, which gives me the tools to move beyond any that have limited me in the past.

The main focus, and this is the really exciting part, is on your life’s purpose.

I’m more than relieved to say that mine is doing what I’m doing now, transforming people by helping them find their authentic selves through the medium of clothing!

Sue Donnelly
Image Consultant in the UK & USA
Author of "Feel Fab at 50"
& "The 80/20 Makeover"

Helen Elizabeth really helped me to cut through the overwhelm and give me some laser sharp focus that underpins everything I am working to achieve.

She really helped me to crystallise my life's purpose and unique challenges into something that I can really work with.

She has a real gift and insight for helping to pull the information together in a practical and meaningful way.

Andrea Beadle (Kent, UK)

Helen Elizabeth is an extremely insightful Life Purpose Hand Analyst, due to the combination of her innate sensitivity & practical, hands-on approach - highly recommended!

Claire Terry (Barcelona, Spain)
Script Writer "I Draw Roses"
President and Editor of "The Art of Living"

My gratitude to you and awe at your brilliant abilities and gifts.

Michelle Weimar (Colorado, USA)
Lone Tree Life Coaching





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