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Here's the article published in the Daily Mirror

31st January 2013

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Please note that I do NOT believe we can predict the future from our hands, just the likelihood of us behaving in a similar way to the way we have done so far. However, you can always decide to behave differently and so get a different outcome!



Click the adjacent Woman magazine cover to access the celebrity feature "Listen to the Hand" based on my work

November 2012


Click the adjacent logo to listen to the replay of Helen sharing about the work she does on www.UnTangledFM.com
The Essence Show with Susie Heath
Tuesday 10th July 2012


See the feature by Janey Lee Grace, author, radio and TV presenter and CEO/ founder of ImperfectlyNatural.com in the July 2012 issue of Spirit and Destiny magazine... Click cover adjacent to see the article (may take a minute to open).

Click below to see Janey's recommendations on how you can live a natural life!


Helen and her team were at the Mind Body Spirit Festival at Earls Court, London between 30th May and the 4th June 2012.

Helen Elizabeth held a workshop at The Mind Body Spirit Festival in Earls Court, London, UK on June 3rd entitled "Your Soul's Message in Your Hands".

Below is a programme by Psychic Oracle TV.
The interview with Helen starts at 1:10.

Mind Body Spirit London Festival

In the April 2012 issue of Soul & Spirit the editor, Katy Evans (no relation), describes her experience of having her own hands analysed by Helen Elizabeth Evans.

Click below to see the article:

Soul And Spirit Article PDF
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Helen Elizabeth Evans appeared on the Channel 5 game show "Impossible?" with illusionist, Philip Escoffey, on 19th October 2011 as an expert on scientific hand analysis. To see the episode, click on the adjacent picture. Helen appears approximately 40 minutes into the show.


Sue Donnelly's blog post:

"The talented Helen Elizabeth Evans is one of a handful of women who can help you to uncover your true life purpose, authentically, by reading your hands.

When I went to meet her, I wasn't sure what to expect, but if you're imagining palmists, psychics or fortune tellers at a fair, then think again.

Helen inks your palm and your fingers on both hands and you press onto paper to provide an imprint from which she takes her readings.

Interestingly, my right hand, which I use a lot, had more intricate fingerprint details than my left, which I rarely use. Each squiggle (my term, not hers) and line tells a story.

Helen Elizabeth is also an astrologer and matches the results found in your hands with detailed information gleaned from your birth chart.

The results are amazing. I had so many moments of crystal clear clarity that I was almost overwhelmed

Many insights reached back to my earliest childhood memories and I saw recurring patterns of behaviour for the very first time in my life. I now have a real understanding of why I do things that sometimes are less than helpful, which gives me the tools to move beyond any that have limited me in the past.

The main focus, and this is the really exciting part, is on your life purpose. I'm more than relieved to say that mine is doing what I'm doing now, transforming people by helping them find their authentic selves through the medium of clothing!"

Sue Donnelly
Image Consultant in the UK & USA
Author of "The 80/20 Makeover"
"Feel Fab at 50"
among others

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