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Selling: Being OK with Others Selling!

The way most of us feel…

When I started my search in earnest I was very open to what people were offering as solutions. Certainly the way they were pitched grabbed my interest and it sounded like their offerings were exactly what I wanted and needed.

The result? I made some very expensive mistakes!
I felt very naive and taken advantage of…

The biggest problem was that I stopped feeling I could trust me to know what was a good investment and what wasn’t, so the moment there are any signs of someone pitching me their business my subconscious throws up warning bells of “Get out of here! We’re in danger!!”

It makes me want to run!!!

I hated feeling like that!

I can’t change them making offers. What I can change is how I feel about it…

Life is about giving and receiving, buying and selling. It is how the world works and I have found that being angry with people who try to sell to me in the hundreds of ways out there, limits me, not them. The walls in me go up to keep them out but that also tends to keep me in, limiting my ability to receive – whatever the context.  So NOT the way I want to be.

So what has changed for me in terms of how I feel about other people selling to me and in terms of selling my own stuff?

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