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Home: Does it make a difference in your ability to manifest?

What is your home like? How does it feel for you when you are in it?

This week I really got thinking about this as we are due to exchange on the sale of our apartment next week… so the pressure is now on to find us a new home and I’ve been trawling the various websites to see what we’d like to view, and going off to see properties that are promising.

OMG!! I honestly am stunned by the state of the places I’m seeing and the worst is that people are actually living in them. They are so depressing. How on Earth could anyone manifest their dreams from such an environment?

My environment affects how I feel about myself, my sense of self-worth. It affects my sense of what I deserve. It affects my sense of peace. It affects my ability to get a good night’s sleep. If you don’t feel good about the space around you, the people in your life then it tells your sub-conscious you don’t believe you deserve better… the result, your subconscious will do its best to prove you right.

So if you’re struggling to make your dreams come true, if you’re struggling to get out of a hole or build a business, please take a good look at the environment you are inhabiting. You may not need to move. You may just need to give it some care and attention…

Invest some time and effort in your environment and it is the same as investing in yourself!

Perhaps you need some new furniture, a new set of linen, some new towels, some artwork you love, to repaint or just to re-organise your space so it’s easier to live in, easier on your eye? Of course, a good clean, throw out session or tidy up can do wonders too!!

Seriously, honour yourself a little!! You deserve to be treated well, so start by doing it yourself first!

You’ll be amazed at what you’ll attract as a result…

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Your Health: Clues in Hand Analysis

You’re a grown up. You know what it takes to be healthy, don’t you? Sleep enough, eat the right foods in appropriate quantities and do at least 30 minutes of exercise once a day, right? So. Do you? If not, why not? Are you so wrapped up in what is going on in your head or in how you are feeling about something that you are on autopilot regarding your body? Lets get really clear about something.This is the vehicle you have chosen for your life. You are not going to get another one. This is it. No body equals no life, certainly not in any physical sense.

So why the heck do you ignore it’s needs? Well, the answer probably lies in your hands… here are a couple of examples: Read the rest of this entry »

Space to be…

Marilyn Do you have some space you can call your own? The more people I talk to these days the more it seems that few of us have the space or the environment we need to thrive…

Having a place that is all your own, whether it is a whole ranch, a house, an apartment, a room or just a corner of a room, is essential.

You need to have dominion over this space.  It needs to reflect you and allow you to feel peace. It should be a place you can go to recharge your batteries, to think, to read, to be alone, to rest…

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