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Home: Does it make a difference in your ability to manifest?

What is your home like? How does it feel for you when you are in it?

This week I really got thinking about this as we are due to exchange on the sale of our apartment next week… so the pressure is now on to find us a new home and I’ve been trawling the various websites to see what we’d like to view, and going off to see properties that are promising.

OMG!! I honestly am stunned by the state of the places I’m seeing and the worst is that people are actually living in them. They are so depressing. How on Earth could anyone manifest their dreams from such an environment?

My environment affects how I feel about myself, my sense of self-worth. It affects my sense of what I deserve. It affects my sense of peace. It affects my ability to get a good night’s sleep. If you don’t feel good about the space around you, the people in your life then it tells your sub-conscious you don’t believe you deserve better… the result, your subconscious will do its best to prove you right.

So if you’re struggling to make your dreams come true, if you’re struggling to get out of a hole or build a business, please take a good look at the environment you are inhabiting. You may not need to move. You may just need to give it some care and attention…

Invest some time and effort in your environment and it is the same as investing in yourself!

Perhaps you need some new furniture, a new set of linen, some new towels, some artwork you love, to repaint or just to re-organise your space so it’s easier to live in, easier on your eye? Of course, a good clean, throw out session or tidy up can do wonders too!!

Seriously, honour yourself a little!! You deserve to be treated well, so start by doing it yourself first!

You’ll be amazed at what you’ll attract as a result…

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International Women’s Day:

Today is the 100th anniversary of the first official International Women’s Day. I love that the day is celebrated during the Sun’s time in Pisces. Pisces is pure feminine energy, pure yin.

Interestingly Venus, the goddess of love and beauty and representative of the manifestation of our feminity was travelling through the sign of Aries at the time this day was first proposed and created. Aries represents our pioneering energy, so of course (!) the woman who first proposed such a day was Clara Zetkin, a German politician and women’s rights activist, a true female prioneer of her generation.  She fought for social and democratic rights in Germany, particularly on behalf of woman well into her 70s, finally dying in Russia after she was exiled from Hitler’s Germany. Wow!

This is the day to celebrate every aspect of being a woman, but in particular it is about Read the rest of this entry »

Manifest this… Manifest that…

We seem to be inundated with articles about how to manifest your greatest desires… The way the articles are written anyone would be forgiven for thinking all they had to do was to decide they wanted something and then they’d have it.  For some of us, this may well work, but I have found that we more often than not get in our own way without even realising it.

The key to manifestation is your emotions as emotions are what penetrate through to our subconscious and it is your subconscious that drives so much of what manifests in your life.

Our energy fields are fluid, are far more in tune with our environment than we realise but our emotions and our thoughts affect our auric body significantly.

If you are positive and feeling happy your energy expands and gets lighter and brighter, its vibration is raised. Because it expands it is more likely to touch others auras and so people notice you and loving the vibration you are at they are attracted to you.

If you are unhappy or sad we tend to unconsciously draw our energy in around ourselves, lowering our vibration and making our energy dense, more difficult for people to interact with.

How do you change your emotional beliefs?

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