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Selling: Being OK with Others Selling!

The way most of us feel…

When I started my search in earnest I was very open to what people were offering as solutions. Certainly the way they were pitched grabbed my interest and it sounded like their offerings were exactly what I wanted and needed.

The result? I made some very expensive mistakes!
I felt very naive and taken advantage of…

The biggest problem was that I stopped feeling I could trust me to know what was a good investment and what wasn’t, so the moment there are any signs of someone pitching me their business my subconscious throws up warning bells of “Get out of here! We’re in danger!!”

It makes me want to run!!!

I hated feeling like that!

I can’t change them making offers. What I can change is how I feel about it…

Life is about giving and receiving, buying and selling. It is how the world works and I have found that being angry with people who try to sell to me in the hundreds of ways out there, limits me, not them. The walls in me go up to keep them out but that also tends to keep me in, limiting my ability to receive – whatever the context.  So NOT the way I want to be.

So what has changed for me in terms of how I feel about other people selling to me and in terms of selling my own stuff?

The reality is that I am empowered by being sold to:

Finding My Solution

I don’t know anyone that doesn’t have a problem so ultimately we are all looking for solutions of some sort.

Sometimes the solutions we get offered may not be related to our problems at the time we are offered them, or perhaps we currently do not have the funds to give in exchange for them…  If they will never be relevant I unsubscribe or move myself into different circles where solutions are offered more applicable to my needs.

Plus, I know that the fundamental nature of the Universe, the balance of give and take,  is also the nature of our economies and thus we need to do whatever we can to stimulate our economies. We need to be willing to give and willing to receive. Selling is fundamentally making offers that are opportunities for giving and receiving.

The Simplified Nature of An Economy

So, how does this impact my attitude to specific situations?

Other Events
I knew I was over “being stressed about others selling to me”, when I was able to sit through a mega pitch fest, 3 days of the Harv T Eker’s Millionaire Mindset Intensive and get enormous value from the event without buying a thing! I learned so much just in the content that they gave in preparation for selling me whatever it was they were offering me.

What allowed me to do this was

  • to be grateful for all they were sharing with me without asking me to doanything but share my time with them
  • to understand they couldnot afford to do all this free if some people didn’t buy at the end
  • to know that without them making an offer no one would know what they hadto sell
  • to trust that I did not have to accept any of theiroffers, that I was not obliged to buy and not lessened in anyway because I


Individuals Selling Their Products &

If you’ve ever tried to sell your own stuff to other

people you’ll know it is the hardest thing in the world for most people. It is

such a vulnerable thing to do because fundamentally you’re asking people to

back you, to invest in you and the part of you that is your gift, and then when

they don’t buy your stuff you feel rejected and dejected like you’re just not

good enough.

When individuals I meet offer me their stuff I look at the

person behind the selling and put myself in their shoes… they have something

to offer, often because they really believe in it and its ability to help me,

but they need to earn a living too, and if they don’t they’ll probably need

to stop using their gift to help others and go get a job.

So from that

perspective I am willing to listen to them and give them feedback on their

offer in terms of my interest in it, but I absolutely do not believe I serve

them by investing in it just to help them earn a living especially if it’s not

right for me. I feel comfortable to thank them and say it’s not for me right

now. Having heard about it I might share information about it with someone else

for whom I think it might be the perfect thing.

If I value the content

in their ezines (newsletters) without paying them a penny, or go to one of their

conferences for a very limited investment, then I believe I need to offer them

the courtesy of allowing them to send me the odd email or time on stage where

they pitch their offer to me. I definitely don’t feel the need to buy anything

and if I’m not ready to buy from them I just delete the related email, or

listen to their pitch on stage and move on. If I value what they do in general

there may well be a time I’ll be ready to buy but whether I do or not,

understanding what they are offering allows me to suggest to others who may

benefit from their offers, that they contact them.

Selling My

Own Stuff
I really believe that we are each put on this Earth

for a reason. We have a purpose that includes something we are here to learn

and a way we are here to serve a specific group of other souls. We are each

here to serve those who really “resonate” with us, those who are drawn to us

for whatever reason.

Am I here to serve those people out of the kindness

of my heart? Yes, with love, acceptance and to the best of my

Absolutely free? There are some exceptions, but in general…no.

Three reasons.

  1. People rarely value what they get free, soif its free they subconsciously think it’s of less value so don’t use it. In

    which case I feel what I’m offering is not of value because no one does

    anything with it and feeling my efforts in this world are of value is very

    important to me.

  2. Paying for something is a physicalmanifestation of an energetic commitment you have made to yourself. It focusses

    you on getting what you need! Much more effective for you. I am always more

    focussed and committed to something I’ve staked my claim to by paying for


  3. I need to earn a living and if I’m struggling financiallyI’m going to have a depleted vibe about me which doesn’t serve me or those

    I’m here to serve. I have no interest in being really rich but I do want to

    feel comfortable. I believe every one of us deserve that.

I am

only here to serve those who need my particular talents. I have been honed by

genetics, life experiences and by Spirit in a very specific way. Not everyone

is going to love me or get value from what I do. That’s absolutely okay

because they will be served by someone else who has been honed especially for

their particular needs.

My offers are just that. Offers. There is no

obligation at all. I believe those who I am here to serve will take advantage

of them when the time is right for them. I believe that I will always receive

whatever I need from those I’m here to serve as long as I am always in touch

with what it is they need.

Still making expensive


Yes, I made one recently! Am I beating myself up. A

little but not really. Why? Everything we do has value. Not always the value we

expected, but nothing we do is ever wasted. The value I found was in knowing I

was worth that investment, in discovering I didn’t need what I thought I would

get from the investment, and in the personal and very valuable insights that

came out of the experience.

Sometimes you are going to buy things

that don’t do what they say they will. Sometimes that will happen from

“dodgy” selling techniques but sometimes we interpret someone else’s

marketing our own way, not the way they intended…  When that happens look for

the other value in the experience, it can often be more profound and useful

that what you expected




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4 Responses to “Selling: Being OK with Others Selling!”

  • Thank you, my birthday twin! Everything in life is in balance. We cannot know light without knowing what dark is; we cannot understand what is right without experiencing what is wrong. I am so passionate about embracing life and if we dismiss any aspect of it, we also dismiss the other side of it so when we reject those who make us offers we also reject the opportunity to share, to exchange, to embrace each others gifts… Sending love, light and laughter to you all the way in Australia! x

  • Hi beautiful sistar,

    this is an amazing blog post/article. Loved the way you have reframed it all and its just brilliant.

    Many blissings Luanne

  • Hi Susan

    Thank you! I so appreciate your feedback. I love your analogy with the sale bargain that is less attractive when you get home! I am a bit concerned about all the people out there pitching another version of the same thing everywhere. I do wonder if they’ve connected with their own unique gift at all… I’d really prefer to buy from someone who is sharing their own unique gift, or using a system they’ve learned in their own unique way; someone who is in touch with who they really are and shares their knowledge with integrity. But key is that I now only buy when I am ready to use whatever it is I’m buying, and generally my instincts work but sometimes my head gets in the way and I do something because it makes sense – rarely works out though! Lol.

    Yes, your answers on the questionnaire are for my eyes only!! I feel it is a private place for you to talk to me and I would not violate that. I also very much appreciate every answer I get as it helps me to be clear about what I’m doing and what I need to do to serve my readers. If I do share any aspect of the questionnaire it would be more things like “a bunch of you said that x was your problem and so I’m doing y to help you with that”. No names or details.

    Thanks again! Sending you love, the light to truly see your beauty, and tons of laughter
    Helen x

  • Susan:

    Hi Helen,

    Really enjoyed reading this article because recently I have been thinking similar thoughts about so many people offering me their answers about the next best course to attract abundance or writing an e book etc Then I would question if I should or shouldn’t buy into it. I have now adopted the belief that I can learn to trust my instinct and intuition and what is right for one person may not be right for another and sometimes you buy into something and just like that sale bargain, when you get it home it loses its attraction.

    By the way are the results of your questionaire confidential? I filled it in and then deleted it beacause I felt a little concerned that someone other than yourself may read my responses.

    Best wishes,


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