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Purpose & Enlightenment Through Laughter


I’ve just got off the phone with a good friend who makes me laugh and laugh, until my sides hurt. Do you have any friends who help you do that?

It truly is the best medicine in the world. It’s God’s own energy.

This friend is marked to be a world-renowned spiritual teacher. He has experienced the worst that life has to offer in so many ways but he has the energy of a phoenix and chooses to rise from his life’s ashes stronger, more enlightened and more on purpose than before.

Laughter raises our vibration, it allows us to rise up from our ashes and fly. It’s the wind beneath our wings.

We are taught directly and indirectly that we need to be serious, to take life seriously, to take our jobs seriously. We are taught that to be responsible we need to be serious, that laughter about anything serious is irreverant and irresponsible. But, for those of us who are naturally responsible and serious, for those of us who have experienced enormous pain and difficulty in life, this additional emphasis can lead to us becoming very down-hearted and even depressed. We take ourselves and our experiences so seriously. (Stick with me,

I’m not suggesting they aren’t).

I’ve had my moments when I’ve wondered what’s the point of life, when my heart ached so much a part of me was ready to go step in front of a bus. The fact that I believe I’d just have to come back and go through this all over again is what stopped me!  (There is no way in heck I’m putting myself through this again!!! Definitely have regular words with my soul on that score!!)

If you’ve been at this point in life then I hope the following will help you:

We are souls. We chose to incarnate on this Earth. We come for a purpose.

We come to learn something, to grow as soul beings so when we leave our souls are stronger and

more enlightened by the experience.

We choose our lives. We choose our experiences. We choose how we become wounded, so that we can learn to heal those

wounds. It is the process of healing those wounds that strengthens us, that helps us to grow. The free will comes in from the perspective that we can choose how we respond to what life throws at us. We choose to allow the awful things we experience to hold us back or to allow us to grow and expand. (Our soul hopes we

will respond in a way that will allow us to grow but sometimes our personalities and egos keep us stuck in fear thinking we are protecting ourselves but in reality we hold ourselves back from our purpose.)

We also come here to serve humanity, to add our efforts to the enlightened of humanity. We are here to grow energetically, to experience love in all its forms, especially its divine nature.

We are here to raise our own vibration (energetic frequency) and in the process to raise the vibration of the Earth as a whole.

(We each have our own unique reason for being here, but we also are here to move the Earth forward in its purpose.)

Basic science… higher the vibration,

lighter the energy… AND guess what?

Happiness is the lightest vibration.We are here to find the happiness in life. We are here to show others how to be happy. True happiness, not the happiness that is built on the shoulders of others loss, is the closest we can come to experiencing God’s

energy while we are physical.

One of the most powerful tools humanity has been given is our ability to laugh.

Laughter is such a powerful, uplifting vibration that sometimes when I’m laughing so hard I can feel my energy expanding out into the world, down the street, and wonder if there is a point where if I was laughing so much I would loosen the molecules that hold me

Earth bound and raise myself to heaven without going through any physical death.

My moments when I feel closest to myself, my soul and to God is in

the stillness after a bout of non-stop laughter, especially when I’ve been laughing at the stuff I normally take so seriously.

When I laugh at my own limitations, at my own limitated way of looking at the world, at the opposing sides of my nature that keep me stuck, my insecurities, my feelings of rejection, my need to receive appreciation and applause, my attachment to my own script of the world… then I get “out of my script”, I get out of myself enough to be able to see another picture, another way of experiencing my life.

I transcend my limitations and I am able to let go of my need to

control my life, to know what to expect. Deep laughter connects me so much more clearly to my higher purpose. It allows me to accept myself as I am, to flow into my purpose.


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Something's Missing!


My friend who makes me laugh so much, who uplifts me and expands my perceptions of myself is Roberto Milani

Pick up a copy of “Something’s Missing” from his website!



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  • I’ve been feeling like this ltelay. So busy, I can’t even identify what we’ve been doing. I feel constantly rushed and overwhelmed, but I don’t feel like I have a lot to show for it. I hope you can find some R&R soon!

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