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Your Health: Clues in Hand Analysis

You’re a grown up. You know what it takes to be healthy, don’t you? Sleep enough, eat the right foods in appropriate quantities and do at least 30 minutes of exercise once a day, right? So. Do you? If not, why not? Are you so wrapped up in what is going on in your head or in how you are feeling about something that you are on autopilot regarding your body? Lets get really clear about something.This is the vehicle you have chosen for your life. You are not going to get another one. This is it. No body equals no life, certainly not in any physical sense.

So why the heck do you ignore it’s needs? Well, the answer probably lies in your hands… here are a couple of examples:

Peaceful Action vs Crisis Management


If you’ve had your hands read you may already know that you are in the School of Peace. If you haven’t had them read then look at the ridges on your fingerprints. You need at least one arch in your fingerprints, preferably two. An arch is when the ridges in the top section of your fingers or thumb go almost horizontal across the finger with a bit of a bump upwards in the middle. In hand analysis our School is the overall flavour of our life, the central theme that underlies all our experiences, and if you are in the School of Peace it means that you are here to learn to be at peace with your body and your physical existence, to be at peace with yourself. In order to do this you will experience all sorts of extremes until you learn to feel safe in your body, to trust your body, to love it and to work with it to get the best out of it.

For some people the effect of this School will be that they become complete beach bums, apparently so relaxed nothing bothers them and so at peace with themselves they achieve nothing, but for most of us, the overriding energy we experience in the School of Peace is one of anxiety. We thrive on adrenalin, crisis management and panic. We have to be busy, busy, busy. Too busy to think, too busy to feel. The busy-ness masks our underlying anxiety about life. What do you think the impact of this is on our health?

Exactly! Long-term high stress in our heads and hearts creates extended periods of tension in our bodies. Any health practitioner will tell you that too much adrenalin, secreted when we’re under stress, is a disaster for our bodies.

[Click here for one article on the subject].

What’s Your Value?

Alternatively, you may already know that your Life Lesson is Self-Worth & Guilt Issues. If you don’t know your Life Lesson, or the one thing that gets in the way of you achieving your Life Purpose, then I recommend you get your hands read. Self-Worth & Guilt Issues as a Life Lesson shows up on your hands as the least complicated fingerprint in your hands being on your left middle finger.With a Life Lesson like this you experience a lot of negative self-talk, and when you do do something for yourself, like take that dance class you’ve wanted to for ages, you feel guilty. It is likely the circumstances of your early life set up this pattern in your current life where you feel less worthy than those around you, less important, less able, less everything! BS.It’s all in your head. You’re alive aren’t you? That alone makes you as worthy as any other living thing on this planet.You’re going to have issues with this for the rest of your life but if you face it head on and give your inner critic the vocal finger (i.e. when she starts up lift your tongue to the roof of your mouth – no idea how it works but it does – and it’ll stop her in her tracks), then choose the positive opposite to say to yourself instead it’ll get easier to deal with. So what is the impact on your health of this Life Lesson? Duh! You don’t love yourself so it’s unlikely you will love your body. You are likely to treat your body as if it isn’t anything of any real value because that is how you think of yourself. The interesting thing is that the more you treat your body and your health as if it has no real value, the more you will feed your subconscious belief that you too have no real value, and the more depressed you will get.This is going to start manifesting physically for you if it hasn’t done so already. Perhaps you eat to feel better? Perhaps you struggle to sleep at night? Perhaps you subconsciously deny yourself good food, good exercise, a healthy body or loving relationships because you don’t expect to have them? If your self-esteem is leaving you feeling down or depressed, did you know this can cause lethargy, various aches and pains, constipation, and in severe cases it can even lead to the switching on of certain biological actions that lead to coronary disease? [Interesting how the pain in your proverbial heart leads to problems in your actual heart!]

Your Health Strategies

The wonderful thing about being physical, having a tangible body to inhabit is that it is so grounding. It creates the basis of a foundation for our lives, something we can hold on to, and focus on when our hearts and minds get too much. Use your body as your anchor on life’s rough sea. Value it as the vehicle that allows you to journey through life. For everyone, but especially for those in the School of Peace, you need to work with who you are and how you operate as a whole:

  • Your physicalenvironment needs to be as stress free as you can make it. Others may be able to function fine in chaos but you don’t. How you feel in the space you are in is key for you!If you can’t sort out your entire living or working space to make it a peaceful place for you to be then create a sanctuary for yourself at home or at work. It may be as simple as making sure your screen saver is of a beach scene or putting a plant you love on your desk. At home perhaps there is a corner you can make filled with things you absolutely love, colours you adore, favourite cushions, candles, books… Anything to make it a space you can go to, to de-stress and re-connect with your inner self.
  • You need a regular routinethat will create a framework for your day, it will anchor you, when your anxiety levels start to rise.It is important the routine is not too rigid and not too packed with everything you want to get done. [Start trying to achieve realistic amounts each day. Say No to the demands made on you. Get down to the nitty-gritty and only do what is absolutely necessary until you are comfortable to take on more, one thing at a time.] Your routine just needs a basic structure where you get up at the same time each day leaving yourself enough time for the day to start peacefully and calmly.Unless you have an Octopus Brain/ Hal 9000 gift marker in your hands then pick a time to meditate for 15-20 minutes. Often doing this before going to bed can be calming and allow you to sleep better. You should also try to schedule exercise into your day, not the peaceful yoga type but something that will burn off all that adrenalin you unconsciously produce. Good to do that exercise at the time of the day you normally are most stressed.
  • Getenough sleep. You need it for you to be relaxed. All night benders or all night working hours are a disaster for you. Love yourself and take yourself off to bed at a reasonable hour.Make sure your bedroom is arelaxing place where there are no distractions, no radios, no TVs. Read something or meditate to relax and then go to sleep! Treat sleep as a priority for you. No last minute “got to get this or that done” late at night…
  • Cut out all refined sugarslike white bread, regular sugar, white flour, beer etc. Yes, everyone should do this but there is a very specific reason you need to.These foods release sugar into your blood stream very quickly, which tends to fuel any nervous tension we already have. You may well find you are addicted to sugar because your underlying level of anxiety is fed by it. Cut it out for at least 2 weeks and see how much better you feel, how much calmer…
  • Take a look at the people youhang out with. Who is raising your anxiety levels? If you can’t avoid thatperson then you need to put some strategies into place to manage your dealings with them.If you are not sure how to manage the situation with this person speak to friends, colleagues or a professional to get some specific help.

For those of you who struggle with self-esteem in a big way (we all do to some extent) the key strategies for you are:

  • Start by treating yourself with respect. Act as if you aresomeone you admire and respect and treat yourself the way you imagine they’dtreat themselves. I am not suggesting over indulging in anything. That’s not respect, that’s over-indulgence for the sake of it, an attempt to fill a hole, a need.When you respect yourself and your body you know that your body is not a dustbin, you know that having to digest that last piece of cake will overload your body, tire it out and make you feel low, so out of respect for yourself and your body don’t have it.
  • Take the time to groom yourself withlove. Enjoy making the best of the way you look. Present yourself to the worldas if you already respect yourself. Present yourself to the world with pride. Studies amongst the Pima Indians showed that those who were taught to have pride in themselves took better care of themselves than those who were only given an education in how to take care of their health. Pride is a good thing and given your Life Lesson it is something you should prioritise in your life. It can be your anchor, your lifeline.
  • Take charge of that voice in your head, the one whospends its time criticising you or telling you “You don’t really deserve that,honey”. Whatever form it takes, start to pay attention to when it is talking, start to recognise its effect on you, start to hear the fear it creates in you.Then ask yourself where you got those ideas about yourself from? Was the source really that reliable? What would you prefer to believe about yourself? Who do you know who already believes what you’d like to believe about yourself? Choose to believe something different about yourself, and then act as if it is true. You’ll be amazed how quickly it will be true! Choose to believe you are a person who loves her body, and cares about her health, making sure she sleeps, eats and exercises appropriately… Tell yourself a new story about yourself as often as you can during each day and in no time it will become your story. Your body is yours. You can’t go down to the store and trade it in. It is the only one you have. If you don’t love and care for it, who else will? It is your car for this life journey. If you don’t take care of it, you’re either going to stop your journey far sooner than you’d like or you’re not going to get to the end of your journey in the style you’d like. You chose this very body for this life for a very specific reason. Perhaps you are built for comfort, perhaps for speed, either way it is the one you need to fulfil your life purpose, to take your part in the Universal grand plan.

Love & respect it. Celebrate and adorn it. Dance. Run. Make love. Live in it! If you’d like to know more about my life purpose hand readings, creating healing environments, or the programmes I run to get you from your knowing your purpose to actually living it in body, mind, heart and spirit, please feel free to connect with me on Facebook or visit my website.

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