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Spiritually Emerging… Are you?

My big passion is to get people to step out of the caves they are hiding in and share their “light” (gifts, talents, purpose, authentic selves, soul energy) with the rest of us. So you may wonder why I’ve been hiding out for awhile recently (I’ve not updated this blog for some time)…?

Well, truth be known, I had to step back a little way into my cave to undergo an internal transition. This part of my cave feels like a chrysalis, a cocoon, a place of quiet transformation.  I needed to retreat into myself to allow it to take place unhindered by analysis.  I’ve been through periods of emergence before and have found simply letting things come, letting things be is what makes the process simpler and more effective for me, so it is almost as if I am allowing a process to take place within me without looking at it directly, without shining my light directly on it… thus my ego, my personality consciousness does not feel threatened by the changes taking place and doesn’t put up any walls to the change. Well in theory at any rate. I did have some hiccups along the way, of my own making, but I’m getting there… I am emerging again, this time I feel like the caterpillar who finally realised their purpose was to be a butterfly and needed to make a cocoon for that change to take place. I have emerged with wings but they are still really wet. I think it will take me a little time to let them dry, to feel just how big they might be, to understand their colours, to trust they are safe, to learn to fly and share my true beauty with the world…

So, what is all this wonderful picturesque analogy talk really about?

Well I think ultimately it is about acceptance. Not acceptance of my small place in the world.  Not acceptance that I am ordinary.  Not acceptance that really this is all my life will amount too.  Oh no! It is the other side of that acceptance, it is accepting that I am here to shine, really shine. This is so, so hard for me. It scares me silly. It feels like a pipe dream. It feels like my ego talking and I don’t want to be an egotist, that just isn’t me at all.  I can see the light in everyone around me.  I can see how incredibly special they are and how much each of them has to offer. It breaks my heart when they won’t accept how truly unique and gifted they are… of course, what comes easily to us we do not realise is our true talent because it feels so ordinary to us, no big deal. How could something so easy be so special?  To truly help others step into their gifts, I too need to accept my own gifts and acknowledge my place in the world!

This is not an easy journey for me. I’m pig-headed at times! Oooohhh I just admitted it out loud. Ooops! Being stubborn is a double edged sword, like everything really. In this case it has made me immovable, but  it also makes me driven and tenacious – a really incredible quality when used in the right way.  So my pig-headedness re changing my way of thinking, my mindset, was like the rock Amaterasu rolled in front of her cave to keep herself inside and hidden, “safe” from the world. But sometimes safe means not living, not really experiencing life, not feeling great joy (or great sadness), and it can lead to a deep sense of loneliness and pointlessness. Luckily for me I have a soul that is as stubborn as my personality and wasn’t letting me get away with it.  It pushed me into making changes in my life, seeking help in sorting out my way of thinking about myself and my place in the world, and interestingly enough it was just by taking that minute action, a positive intention, that I, and then my life, started to brighten up.  As if my soul was rolling away the rock for me and putting up a mirror in front of my cave entrance to show me just how beautiful and bright I am, and the reason I felt things were “brightening up” was because I was starting to open up and allow my own light to shine in the world, and the more I do that, the more I admit my inner truth, my gifts to the world, the brighter my life is becoming.I share this with you not because I am any more special than you but because I am special just LIKE you! I don’t think this journey is specific to me, I think this journey is the same, with minor variations, for all of us. We all need to emerge from ourselves. Are you really sharing your bright light with those around you or are you a dimly lit version of your true self?  Can you accept how truly special your are, what an incredible and unique purpose you have here on this Earth? Please note that if you were meant to live a dimly lit existence your soul would never have brought you to this blog… the only reason you are here is to Wake Up! Move that rock out of the way. Step out of your cave into your beautiful blinding light! We can do this together. If you’d like a friend and companion on your journey into your light you can find me on Facebook or you visit my website or contact me direct (details below).


The reality is that we actually have periods of constant re-emergence throughout our lives, but that’s okay.  It just means we are continually growing, getting bigger and brighter all the time! I’ve just realised that today is 10.10.10. Many people give this date significance as a new beginning for us all!  That sounds like wonderful energy.  We can  make it true by our intentions.  Treat today as a new beginning for you, a new start, the beginning of you accepting your very special place in the world! Clearly it is a new beginning for me, one I’m delighted with!



Helen Evans is a non-predictive life purpose hand analyst and purposeful space designer.   Her passion is to empower individuals to fulfil their dreams, entrepreneurial, spiritual and personal… to be paid for what they love to do, to live and work in spaces that make them feel good and to take care of themselves and their well-being.  She uses the pragmatism of her African upbringing and the deep intuition of her Celtic roots to guide her clients into the lives they really want.If you’d like to know more about stepping out of your cave and into your light, please visit www.stepintoyourlight.com or contact Helen direct at info@stepintoyourlight.com.
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  • Great post Helen, yes we can all be stubborn at times, its just great we can look and acknowledge when we are. Looking forward to emerging from the cave.
    Blissings Luanne

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