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Is your Life Purpose to be a success?

Do you know how to achieve tangible, measurable results? Do you know how to succeed? Or, do you have great ideas that never seem to come to fruition?

Are you always dreaming of what you could be? Is the idea of being successful exciting, but also a bit scary?

Do you feel like a failure at times, or is that too strong a word… perhaps, you think you don’t know enough to be a success?

Perhaps you’ve tried on a number of occasions to achieve something but it hasn’t worked out? It is your Life Purpose to be a Master of Results (a success in the world) if you have a deep desire to be independent, particularly with regard to making money and succeeding in your own terms. Those of us with a Master of Results Life Purpose tend to  experience everything but success before we finally figure out how to do it… often we hide out, so scared of failing we don’t try, so scared of success we put roadblocks in our way, but something keeps pulling at us… we want to be successful and the more we secretly hope for it, the more our efforts get sabotaged, the lower we feel.

You have a choice, you can continue to exist as you are or you can decide enough is enough! It is time to get back onto your road to achieving tangible, measurable material results!

For a fledgling Master of Results,

we need to understand our belief systems about money and success to prevent them being our own internal roadblocks.

  • What are your beliefs about money? What has your life experience taught you about money? Are you scared of having no money? Have you had so much that you’ve never had to be self-reliant or competent in any way?
  • What are your beliefs about money and success? Do you think people who succeed are ruthless or arrogant? How comfortable are you about earning more and achieving more than anyone else in your family? How would becoming a success in your own terms impact your current life and those around you (think beyond the obvious here)?
  • Are you making good money but find that it does not make you feel fulfilled? Are you afraid to risk failure to do something you really want deep down? Do you feel your worth is determined by how much money you have?
  • Do you want to do everything yourself? Do you ever allow others to help you? Do you feel more competent than those around you? Alternatively, are you completely dependent on others for your material support and lazy about doing things for yourself?

Being aware of how you think and what you believe to be true, helps you to understand why you may not, subconsciously, want success.Knowledge of yourself and your belief systems is key to changing your experience of yourself and the world you live in. If you are destined to be successful here are some things that you may encounter out in the world:

  • Others are threatened by your success or your focus on success, discouraging you from going for your goals either by saying so outright or by subtler means.
  • You will encounter obstacles in your pursuit of success. How you deal with those obstacles ultimately determines your success or failure.  Don’t give up!
  • You will fail, and you may fail again after you succeed… this is how you learn what not to do, this is how you become a master of success and achieving the results you want.  Don’t give up!
  • Waiting for the right set of circumstances before you take action… There will always be a reason not to take action.  Stop making excuses and take the first step, progress one step at a time.

So please tell me, do you think it is your Life Purpose to be successful? Are any of the experiences I’ve mentioned above true for you? Tell me your stories.I am really interested!!! I will leave you with one last thought “Being a success is not instant and it is not without effort!

But that is the whole point – we never value things we haven’t had to work for anyway…”

Have a beautiful day!



Helen Evans is a non-predictive life purpose hand analyst and purposeful space designer.Her passion is to empower individuals to fulfil their dreams, entrepreneurial, spiritual and personal… to be paid for what they love to do, to live and work in spaces that make them feel good and to take care of themselves and their well-being.  She uses the pragmatism of her African upbringing and the deep intuition of her Celtic roots to guide her clients into the lives they really want.

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