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Now You Can Unlock Your Own
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Discover This Incredibly Accurate Unique Fingerprinting System

So, let me explain...

Do you hear the whisper deep within you "This isn't how it's meant to be!"? That fundamental knowing within you that life isn't meant to be about struggle and pain; it's meant to be about joy, laughter, fun and meaning?

My name is Helen Elizabeth Evans, and from as early as I can remember I have "known" that life should be easy, that we should be able to get what we want easily and effortlessly. (If my kids are anything to go by then we're all born feeling this way!)

That belief hasn't gone away but it has been challenged by a regular dose of statements from my elders, the "reality broadcasters" and those "more experienced" around me, along the lines of:

  • nothing comes easily
  • you have to work for what you want
  • what have you done to deserve it?
  • you don't appreciate what you get unless you have worked for it
  • unless you struggle you can't have what you want, so if you don't want to work hard then you need to lower your expectations.

What sort of similar statements have you been fed with over the years?

I found that if you hear that sort of thing regularly something inside you starts to die, you start to believe it, and once you believe it you start to find ways to make it true!

What parts of your life, right now, reflect the influence of these statements on your life? Their effect can be so subtle...


Personally, I don't want my life to be influenced by the limits other people have put on themselves! My soul knows this is not what life is for.

That's why I started the journey to find the purpose of my life and what would really make me happy,
my own route to success without struggle, success on my terms.



What does success mean?

The more I think about it, the more I experience it for myself and others, the more I realise that

it means something different for each of us, and

when you chase someone else's idea of success,

even when you do achieve it, it won't feel like success to you.

Know what I mean?


I bet there are tons of things that you've been successful at, but do they mean anything to you?
Do you feel proud of those achievements? Did they make you happy?


What I have discovered is that deep within you are certain fundamental needs and desires that you have been "programmed" with pre-birth, and unless you are meeting those needs along with the pursuit of your goals, you can reach your goals and wonder what all the fuss was about... still feeling incomplete and unfulfilled.


This makes such an impact on how you feel about your "work", whatever business you are in. After all it's where you spend most of your waking life. Whether "work" is your family, your job or your business, your work is how you express yourself and probably has a huge impact on how you feel about yourself, the sense you have of your own significance and your contribution to the world!



I've worked successfully in what my family called "proper" jobs, that is for other people in nice big companies, and I've spent more than 15 years running my own businesses, all successful, on my terms.

And to achieve that success, my working life has been one that has required leaps and bounds in my personal development for me to keep up with my goals in each business. I've had to grow to grow my businesses!

No doubt you have found that to be the case too?


But even with such a progressive (I like to think!) attitude to my life and my businesses something was still missing... I didn't feel on purpose. I hadn't found that thing that I could be so passionate and excited about, that thing that made me feel like I was beginning to do something genuinely worthwhile in the world (by my standards), that thing that stirred my soul... My businesses were successful, but it all felt like a chore to me!!

Surely, when you finally find your purpose it shouldn't be a struggle?


Well, I have discovered the success formula that not only gives you your life purpose, once and for all, but also takes the struggle out of living and I've packaged it into a fantastic online programme


Click here for all the details


Here's me presenting the workshop version of this programme


I'm not suggesting you'll stop working hard or putting effort into what you do, just that you'll enjoy it and get far better results for what you do, do...


Look at it this way...

What if there was a way for you to know that
no matter how little or how much effort you put into something, the experience would lift you up,
would make you feel that you'd found your purpose in the world,
that you'd found what genuinely made you happy AND
brought you the kind of success that felt easy and really meant something to you?


What if there was a system so profound that it would not only explain your life's purpose to you through a physical manifestation of your life force, but would also give you the formula to creating your own success with ease and flow... a success that was specific to you, that was right for you, that was congruent with who you are and the values you hold dear?

Well, there is!

And it is a system that changed my experience of my life (and the business I was in) so profoundly that I knew I had to share it with everyone I met, including you.

It's not complicated. It's fairly simple actually.

It will give you a completely objective understanding of who you are and what you need to do to find your unique path to success according to you!

We all try so many different things... searching...
looking for that elusive something, that something that would help make sense of life,
that would give life and our experiences to date, meaning


Does feeling like any of this sound familiar to you?

  • You lack clarity about who you are here to serve, and what direction to go in

  • You often get overwhelmed, and struggle to choose a path that works out for you

  • What you really want more than anything is to make a difference in the world, but how?

  • You hold yourself back, feeling stuck or confused

  • You have, or want to have, a business through which you share your natural gifts with the world

  • You get frustrated with yourself, self-sabotaging your great plans

  • You wonder what your real value is, and how you are really different to everyone else doing what you do

  • You know there must be an easier way to happiness and natural success, but it's not clear enough for you
  • You want to know why your were born, what you are here to do, and what the point of your challenges has been!

Every single one of these statements were true for me some years back.

I had worked in the corporate world, consistently promoted, before an "unexplained" illness led me to leave that world and start up my own property services business, that I ran very successfully for 15 years. Along side that business I also ran another business importing solid hand-made French cherrywood furniture for about 6 years.

Along the way I met the man of my dreams, married him and had a son and then a daughter. How could I want for more?

But, even with all this success I felt every one of the statements above to some degree or another.


I couldn't continue to live like this, I had to change something. I had to do something that gave me meaning... but what?

In the process of searching for my "purpose" (also known as needing to figure out what made me relevant in this world), I discovered scientific hand and fingerprint analysis.


My first experience of it was for its entertainment value, so when I discovered how incredibly accurate it was, I was so shocked. Whoa!!


But then the more I used this information about myself in my life the more I realised the power this knowledge gave me,
the more I realised how much more effective I became,
how much more successful I was
how much simpler and easier everything felt


For instance, my fingerprints totally nailed my tendency to "sit on the fence" whenever a decision had to be made. I always need more information, always needing to make the "right" decision, and then finally when I'd just been sitting on the fence too long I'd get forced into a decision that came without proper thought at all... usually resulting in me feeling I wasn't good at making decisions, and so I'd go back to needing more and more information and again just not choosing for my next decision...

Wow! I had never realised how I did that before. Just seeing it so clearly, made it so easy for me to recognise as soon as I started to do it again, and I've since developed a more effective decision-making process that I can trust, that actually works for me! Exactly what I needed to learn to stop getting stuck... What a powerful revelation that piece of information alone, was!


What revelations do your fingerprints have in store for you?


The result of this is that, I have studied this system in depth and now I am the UK's number one scientific hand and fingerprint analyst. Woo hoo! (You can see some of the media coverage I've had on my website.) My hands and my fingerprints have helped me to understand what it is that I really want in life, and that has allowed me to learn to celebrate my achievements because I'm achieving things I care about!!!

What do I care so passionately about? Getting you to see your true brilliance! The thing is, we human beings are a funny lot... give us confidence and nothing will stop us, take away our self-belief and we remain stuck and unfulfilled.


Have you realised yet that when you have real confidence, real self-belief, in you, your gifts, passions and purpose, it'll be like finding your own personal slipstream to achieving whatever it is that matters to you?


One of my clients recently said to me "You know, you are a large part of what gives me a sense of Power in my business. And when I waver I think of you - it's like you are standing behind me shining the light on me and it reminds me to grow into myself." I cannot think of a better expression of my gifts or my purpose.

How would you like to have your clients, friends or family saying equally beautiful things to you?

Live on purpose. Live a life that has meaning for you. Live by your Natural Success Formula.

The life affirming comments and testimonials will just flow in...


"For those who don't know of her yet, I cannot recommend Helen Elizabeth Evans enough!! Not only does she have 100% integrity and know her stuff ... but it *works*!! Yes, it really works, in the "real" world! It's a highly practical and yet, at the same time, deeply intuitive exploration of your 'mission' here on earth ... what you really came here to do and why." Claire Elizabeth Terry - Author, Editor (The Art of Living) & Screen Playwright


Having your own unique success formula, your life blueprint, your personal map in front of you, knowing what you are here to do, what you are here to share, where you really belong in this world gives you the confidence and self-belief to achieve anything you set your mind to!



Okay, enough chit-chat, let's get to the nitty gritty!!


Come and join me online to discover YOUR unique, individual life purpose,
the KEY to unlocking your personal, Natural Success Formula



In this online programme, that you can particpate in from the comfort of your own home wherever you are in the world, we will work together to discover your NATURAL SUCCESS FORMULA for life.


Your NATURAL SUCCESS FORMULA includes the fundamental components for success:

1. YOUR SOUL PURPOSE - What you are here to learn, experience and share.

2. YOUR MOTIVATION - What really drives you subconsciously and what will keep you motivated when you hit the inevitable rough spots.

3. YOUR BLOCKS - What naturally trips you up, how to look out for it and what to do when you encounter it.

4. YOUR ATTRACTION VALUE - What others value about you, and thus what you need to do to attract clients who will love you no matter what you do.


These are the equivalent of getting together the core components of the map you need to get through the journey of life more comfortably and easily.

Practical. Sensible. Grounded.... also freeing and so inspiring!!


"Helen is fabulous! I don't think I have learnt so much about myself and my clients in years - worth every penny and every minute of my time.

It's a must if you are a savvy business woman who wants to take the next step." Carole Bozkurt


So, at the end of the day you will leave with

  • Your NATURAL SUCCESS FORMULA, which includes

    • your NATURAL BRAND,
    • your REQUIRED CONTRIBUTION to the world
    • knowing where to invest your time, money and energy to greatest effect in your life
  • The confidence and grounding that comes from knowing who you really are and why you matter, and what you need to do to overcome your challenges as they come up

  • The clarity, focus and direction to get you out of overwhelm (and confusion)

  • The knowledge how to pre-empt self-sabotaging behaviour patterns

  • The know-how to easily make choices that are RIGHT for you, specifically you!

  • The permission to let go of other's thoughts and expectations so you can be yourself and shine just as you are.


"I left Helen's workshop clear about really drives me, the challenges and growth opportunities that show up in my life, and my purpose. It was very accurate, plus my hands absolutely confirmed that I am on track, giving me a great boost in self-belief and confidence.

I now have a simple higher perspective template from which to view and respond to my life.

I thoroughly recommend working with Helen. Her passion for what she does is obvious. She's a fabulous, engaging speaker and lovely lady.

It was fantastic!" Cathy Ballard


Okay, I already know this is for me


But there's more...



I will personally analyse your handprints and provide you with YOUR LIFE PURPOSE FORMULA so you can apply the information we discuss directly to you as we progress through the course, AND thus understand your own unique Soul programming and know yourself at the deepest, core level.

Every single individual on this planet, alive or dead, has absolutely unique fingerprints, which means being able to discern the subtle variations can be key to determining what your life purpose is. My desire to get things "right" is a key factor in my attention to detail when it comes to analysing your prints. Those who wish me to just analyse their prints (no explanations) currently pay £197 or US$310 to do this alone, (if they want an explanation from me they pay £597 or US$963 for it).


"I was very impressed with your commitment; your high standard of customer service was evident from your email contact and by how your team looked after me during the workshop." Judith Shipman



You will receive your very own workbook where you will not only be able to make additional notes but which has significant additional material therein to support you on you continued journey with integrating your NATURAL SUCCESS FORMULA into your life and your business.

This is not something I ever sell so I won't quantify its value other than to say that it is an incredible resource. Here's an example of one of the pages:


"It was truly astonishing and I came away with so many 'aha' moments and new insights to process that I know the effects will reverberate for years.

I came away with so much more than I was looking for. You were fabulously generous with your time and energy.

Having our own individual handprint readings... made it so much easier to assimilate the vast amounts of information you managed to cover in such a short time, in a way that made it easily relatable to ourselves as individuals, and to our friends, family members and clients."

Linda Anderson




You will have access to the recordings of each webinar we do until the end of 2013 so if you want to review any of the material at any time you can.

When you are doing a live workshop with someone you can get distracted and miss something they said or find you wished they repeated a segment you didn't quite get. With this bonus you can "rewind" on any of your learnings as you choose. You watch them over an dover again too. It also means that if you miss one of them you can catch up at a time that suits you!

The value in being able to do this is the equivalent of doing the 2-day workshop (ticket price £297 or US$480) as many times as you want, whenever you want...

Here's an example of one of the webinar slides. Which of these types of fingerprints do you have?



You will have access to a private Facebook group where you will receive ongoing support during the programme.

I check in everyday so you can always post your questions or experiences gaining wisdom in your journey not only through my support but through that of others who are on the same journey.


And here are the logistics...


We'll meet each Thursday (Friday 6am in Australia) starting just after the November new moon (so we can be in sync with the rhythms of the Earth) PLUS it'll give me a chance to get most of your handprints back from wherever you are in the world so they can be analysed by the time we get started.

The dates we'll meet are:

Thursday 7th November 2013
Thursday 14th November 2013
Thursday 21st November 2013
Thursday 5th December 2013 (BONUS session!)


Each class will be 90-120 minute (1.5-2 hour) webinar depending on the content that week, also known as an online slide presentation where I will talk you through the slides and where you can interact with me, asking your questions as we go along.

It's pretty much the same as being with me in a live workshop setting except we can all turn up in our pyjamas and no one will know!! Plus you can have your favourite drinks, snacks, teas, blankets, snuggly toys or anything else you fancy with you at the same time. Huge bonus, don't you think?!!

Here are some people at one of my workshops... See? No snuggly toys, No pj's..


To accommodate our different time zones we'll meet at

12 noon USA PST (Los Angeles)
3pm USA EST (New York)
8pm UK GMT (London)
6am Australian EST (Sydney).

The content that we'll cover will include:

Core Human Programming - innate and personal drivers
The spiritual versus a realistic, practical perspective
What is life purpose really?
The difference between life purpose and your life mission

Your Life Purpose Formula
Your Purpose Driven Contribution, Your Gift, Your Training Environment
(This is the section where we look at how you can maximise your personal potential)

Your Natural Success Formula
Your Money Motivation, Your Target Market, Your Natural Brand, Your Growth Opportunity
(This is the section where we look at how you apply your unique innate nature to your business so that you and your business flourish naturally)

Supplementary material and personal exercises.


"You gave us so much information that my head was swimming! I found the content fascinating and informative, both on a personal and general point of view (I found myself thinking, as you went though the four schools, of certain people I know, eg my sister, thinking "she must belong in this school!" etc.)!

I appreciated your "straight" talking and very direct approach with the many anecdotes. I think you were amazing!"

Catherine Ford

Yes, I'm signing up





I want you to be thrilled by your experiences with me so if for some reason you can no longer participate let me know at least 7 days in advance and I will happily give you a full refund!
Once you take part in the offer you paid for and find you are not excited by what you receive, let me know why, then please return all materials sent to you with 7 days of the first day of the programme, and on receipt, I'll provide you with a full refund, less any direct costs, within 30 days. Guaranteed!


To secure your place, book now!

Your investment is just

Pay in Sterling


Pay in US Dollars



Still not sure? Then check-out these comments that are about the basic content I'm going to be sharing at a greater depth with you during this programme...



This is Kasia Kwiatkowska's experience...

"Helen's 'Discover your Life Purpose' workshop has been one of the most enlightening experiences I had to date, and my decision to go for it probably one of the best decisions I made during this very confusing and destabilising transition-time in my life!

It was the most wonderfully rich day full of constant A-HA moments, 'Of-course!' moments, where so many of my doubts, confusions, uncertainties, fears, have just been clarified and suddenly so many things began making sense, as if a huge puzzle coming together - finally!

Discovering that I belong to the School of Service with other elements of my reading being in this area as well, has been just the most valuable thing to hear, as I have been struggling for years to understand my reasons for doing things the way I do, yet this short description and all the mass of information that followed have just put me at peace straight away. I have found myself.

It made me feel like I am finally starting to become one with myself, realigning to who I really am, deep down inside of me, the person whom I was scared to bring out into the daylight in fear of being judged or just purely not accepted for who I am.

But Helen with her immense generosity and energy not only shared so much of her knowledge from so many different areas of her expertise, but also actually coached us on just everyday life's challenges - our relationship to money, to people around us, love, careers etc etc etc.

She is just totally passionate about [what she does] and helping others discover their real life purpose to serve the world in the best possible way, finding our true place on this earth, empowering us to make it a better place to live in and share for us all.

Each day now I still awaken to new discoveries and realisations and this helps me immensely in making decisions as to what to do next when planning my new path for the next chapter of my life. I don't need anyone else's confirmation anymore, it all comes from within me now.

I am incredibly grateful to her for adding so much clarity to my journey - a huge warmest Thank You Helen."

(Kisses to Kasia for seeing my light!!)

I get many wonderful comments from my clients along these lines and reading Kasia's comments all over again, reminds me how important it is for ME to live my purpose too. Who is missing out on what they need from you because you are not living on purpose?

I'm ready to live on purpose too!


Linda Anderson of Tapping for Success said:

"This is fabulous for anyone looking for a deeper understanding of who they are, what they came here for and how they can best make their unique contribution to the world. Truly inspiring!"


I genuinely believe we are all perfect with all the wisdom we need inside us, but even the most upbeat of us can feel exhausted and depressed by the hum-drum "mud" of life at times. It's like our inner light, our enthusiasm and excitement becomes dimmed, and then we start thinking we are somehow "lacking", that we need to look outside ourselves... but let someone wipe away just a bit of the mud dimming our inner light and we can be re-invigorated, re-committed and re-charged. We can hear our inner voice again. That is the gift of being inspired!

Wiping away the mud, telling you the truth about who you are so you see the truth in yourself... that is my job. Oh, and hopefully making sure you have a good laugh along the way too...

Here is the lovely Sharon Hess, The Money Healer:

"What I love about working with Helen is the way she says it like it is, upfront and matter-of-fact, but in such a way that I feel nurtured and empowered at the same time.

The difference between Helen and most healers is that she is also very pragmatic. She can take theoretical ideas into a place and space beyond the mumbo jumbo to make them real and usable.

It is one thing to know your life purpose, but how does that help you in your business and everyday life? Helen helped me see what stops me in my life and business and with her keen insight I eliminated my blocks and know how to overcome them in the future."


Greta Gould is a young woman in the early stages of her working life. These are her thoughts:

"I decided to do the 'Discover Your Life Purpose' Workshop because I had come to an uncertain point in both my life and my career, and I was struggling. The information Helen was able to glean from my hands confirmed and clarified my goals. It was also clearly laid out what was blocking me from achieving my goals. This clarity I have gained from Helen's workshop has allowed me to focus on what is important in my life. A useful experience made fun and engaging by Helen's warmth, straight talking and her ability to share. Highly recommended."


Colleen Witkin doesn't look it but she is in her eighties... hope I look that good at the same age! Here is what she said:

"What's going on in my head at the moment is the song "You are wonderful" (see how easy it is to switch to a positive?) Seriously Helen, I so enjoyed yesterday. I have Leila to thank for that as she insisted that I go with her. As I mentioned to you yesterday, I 'felt very much at home' listening to your psychological analysis on our REAL life purpose. The whole day was fascinating. I loved your sense of humour, the positive words you used, the examples you gave, for being so honest with us about you and your family. It felt so comfortable knowing that I understood everything you were saying."




Here's a reminder of what you will be getting during this programme

You will not only discover your Life Purpose once and for all, but also

your Natural Success Formula, valid for life

plus your fingerprints will be analysed by an expert, the No. 1 Scientific Hand & Fingerprint Analyst in the UK,

plus the ongoing support of the material in the workbook I will send you

access to the recordings of the webinars with slides until December 31st, 2013

AND support and networking through the private Facebook group.


My money back guarantee!!


Book your place now!

Today it is just

Pay in Sterling


Pay in US Dollars



Once you have booked you'll receive an email from me as soon as I'm back at my desk (yes, my emails are personal!) so I can check your address.

When I have your correct address I'll send you a handprinting kit with clear instructions of how to print your hands plus how to email them back to me straight away.
Look out for your big turquoise envelope!!

Then when I get your handprints I'll analyse your fingerprints and email you back the results so you have them ready for the start of the programme.

I'll also email you your workbook, so you can get started studying in advance of the programme if you want to...


I know this experience will change your life. It changed mine, for the very much, better!

I can't wait to work with you.

Helen Elizabeth Evans

The UK's No.1 Scientific Hand & Fingerprint Analyst


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