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"You are fabulous! I don't think I have learnt so much about myself and my clients in years - worth every penny and every minute of my time." Carole Bozkurt

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Tickets are £297

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This event will take place on

Sunday 16th June 2013
at the Holiday Inn Forum Kensington
near Gloucester Road Underground station


This event will be a group workshop led by Helen Elizabeth Evans.

"As a participant on the workshop on April 20th I can only confirm how fabulous it was and what amazing people... not to mention the very professional and down to earth presenter of the workshop. Those of you who know Helen will know what I mean and those who don't - what are you waiting for? I believe Helen is running another workshop in June... see if you can get on it!" Silvia Kundrath


Here's what you'll leave with:

  • Knowing what your CORE programming is and how to use it!
  • Knowing YOUR real PURPOSE
  • A success formula unique to you,
    Your Innate Blocks and how to overcome them
  • Understanding why your experiences to date, matter!
  • Knowing where to spend your time, money and energy effectively
  • Knowing who you are here to serve.

AND this will give you :

  • Confidence that comes from knowing who you are and why you matter
  • The clarity, focus and direction to get you out of overwhelm!
  • The knowledge to pre-empt self-sabotaging behaviour patterns
  • The ability to easily make choices that are RIGHT for you
  • The permission to let go of other people's thoughts and expectations, be yourself and shine as you already are!

"I left being clear about my main drivers, the challenges and growth opportunities that usually show up in my life to help me grow, and my purpose. It was very accurate, and so fascinating that my hands absolutely confirmed that I am on track, which has given me a great boost in self-belief and confidence." Cathy Ballard


  • Access to a private Q&A 90 minute call after the workshop where you can ask the extra questions you have that come up after the event.
  • A detailed workbook to take home as an ongoing reference.
  • AND Helen Elizabeth Evans will personally analyse your fingerprints (She normally charges 197 just to analyse your prints alone).

    You will have your hand and fingerprints in front of you during the workshop, so you can immediately apply the information she shares to understand your own unique programming and know yourself at the deepest, core level.

    "Having our own individual handprint readings in the front of the course workbook made it so much easier to assimilate the vast amounts of information you managed to cover in such a short time, in a way that made it easily relatable to ourselves as individuals, and to our friends, family members and clients." Linda Anderson

    Knowing yourself at the deepest level gives you the platform to build your skills and gifts on.

    It will SAVE YOU TIME, ENERGY & MONEY as you stop pursuing goals that are not right for you!

    It will bring EASE & FLOW into your life.



Please give your mailing address with your booking so we can send you your handprinting kit in advance.


The venue will be The Holiday Inn Forum Kensington, just off Gloucester Road, London, UK. You will be emailed with details one week before the event.

Sunday 16th June 2013
(The last time we ran this event it sold out 3 weeks before the event)

Registration: 9.30am

Start 10am - Finish 5.30pm
(1 hour for lunch plus a morning and afternoon break)

Water, coffee and tea will be provided at the breaks during the event. If you have any special requirements please do bring them with you.

To secure your place, book now!

Only £147 TODAY

Here are some of the comments made by those who attended the last workshop:

"My background is in personal development and personal branding. I love learning and I'm always looking for tools to recommend to my clients. I heard Helen talk on a webinar and I booked onto the workshop for fun and to see what I could learn. I've always been fascinated by how we work as humans and have done a lot of self-exploration, and Helen's workshop delivered a lot of great information and I left being clear about my main drivers, the challenges and opportunities that usually show up in my life to help me grow, and my purpose. It was very accurate, and so fascinating that my hands absolutely confirmed that I am on track, which has given me a great boost in self-belief and confidence. It has given me a kind of simple higher perspective template from which to view and respond to life's situations. I thoroughly recommend working with Helen. Her passion for what she does is obvious. She's a fabulous, engaging speaker and lovely lady. It was a fantastic day!" Cathy Ballard

"Helen's 'Discover your Life Purpose' workshop has been one of the most enlightening experiences I had to date, and my decision to go for it probably one of the best decisions I made during this very confusing and destabilising transition-time in my life!

It was the most wonderfully rich day full of constant A-HA moments, 'Of-course!' moments, where so many of my doubts, confusions, uncertainties, fears, have just been clarified and suddenly so many things began making sense, as if a huge puzzle coming together - finally!

Discovering that I belong to the School of Service with other elements of my reading being in this area as well, has been just the most valuable thing to hear, as I have been struggling for years to understand my reasons for doing things the way I do, yet this short description and all the mass of information that followed have just put me at peace straight away. I have found myself. It made me feel like I am finally starting to become one with myself, realigning to who I really am, deep down inside of me, the person whom I was scared to bring out to the daylight in fear of being judged or just purely not accepted for who I am.

But Helen with her immense generosity and energy not only shared so much of her knowledge from so many different areas of her expertise, but also actually coached us on just everyday life's challenges - our relationship to money, to people around us, love, careers etc etc etc.

She is just totally passionate about hand reading and helping others discover their real life purpose to serve the world in the best possible way, finding our true place on this earth, empowering us to make it a better place to live in and share for us all.

Each day now I still awaken to new discoveries and realisations and this helps me immensely in making decisions as to what to do next when planning my new path for the next chapter of my life. I don't need anyone else's confirmation anymore, it all comes from within me now.

I am incredibly grateful to her for adding so much clarity to my journey - a huge warmest Thank You Helen." Kasia Kwiatkowska

"A BIG thank you for Saturday! It was lovely to meet so many new and interesting people. I really enjoyed the day and I'm looking forward to spending some time this weekend reading through all the notes I made and the information you gave us. I did find your hand reading fascinating and I'm definitely keen to learn more and to take action! Well done to you for putting on a great workshop, enjoyed all your stories too." Wendy Gordon

"Thank you so much for a wonderful workshop on Saturday. It was truly astonishing and I came away with so many 'aha' moments and new insights to process that I know the effects will reverberate for years.

I help heart-centred business owners, people who are passionate about what they do, overcome procrastination, self-sabotage and blocks to marketing and money so they can create a thriving business doing what they love. Before the workshop I was pretty sure I was on track with my chosen 'Tribe' and was curious to know what my handprints might reveal about this - so I guess I was basically looking for confirmation that I was headed in the right direction and in alignment with my Life Purpose.

I came away with so much more than I was looking for. You were fabulously generous with your time and energy, both before and during the workshop. Having our own individual handprint readings in the front of the course workbook made it so much easier to assimilate the vast amounts of information you managed to cover in such a short time, in a way that made it easily relatable to ourselves as individuals, and to our friends, family members and clients.

The most inspiring thing I got from the day was what you demonstrated with the drawing of the mountain, our early years spent on the training slopes, the cliff we have to face and climb (or not) in order to leave the training slopes and move into sharing our unique gifts with the world. I've heard that same information before, presented in so many different ways, but this time it really went in for me and the relief was enormous! All those years we spend falling over in the foothills are not in vain!

This is a fabulous workshop for anyone looking for a deeper understanding of who they are, what they came here for and how they can best make their unique contribution to the world. Truly inspiring!" Linda Anderson

"What's going on in my head at the moment is the song "You are wonderful" (see how easy it is to switch to a positive?) Seriously Helen, I so enjoyed yesterday. I have Leila to thank for that as she insisted that I go with her. As I mentioned to you yesterday, I 'felt very much at home' listening to your psychological analysis on our REAL life purpose. The whole day was fascinating. I loved your sense of humour, the positive words you used, the examples you gave, for being so honest with us about you and your family. It felt so comfortable knowing that I understood everything you were saying." Colleen Witkin

"Was great to see you shining your light, Helen--what a great achievement today, really impressed! And so inspired by your clear expansive knowledge and passion about the material- and how it has effected your life personally, all so very interesting. It brought a couple of aha moments, and I found the whole subject so fascinating, realising how we only touched on the surface. I was surprised to find I was doing a lot of what was indicated--and yet realised where I could step up even more around some of the challenges and particularly around the contribution- five star indeed, how funny--it will certainly change how I move forward, so really - thank you so much." Alexsandra Rehlinger


"Thanks for an enlightening day last Saturday. I particularly enjoyed your personal examples of you and your family and how you and your husband manage to relate to each other. I was very impressed with your commitment; your high standard of customer service was evident from your email contact and by how your team looked after me during the workshop. I left at the end of the day feeling much easier with my with my service role." Judith Shipman


"I decided to do the 'Discover Your Life Purpose' Workshop because I had come to an uncertain point in both my life and my career, and I was struggling. The information Helen was able to glean from my hands confirmed and clarified my goals. It was also clearly laid out what was blocking me from achieving my goals. This clarity I have gained from Helen's workshop has allowed me to focus on what is important in my life. A useful experience made fun and engaging by Helen's warmth, straight talking and her ability to share. Highly recommended." Greta Gould


"It has given me great clarity." Nigel Huddleston


"The workshop was enlightening, fun and left me wanting to learn more about my fingerprints." Leila Witkin


"I really enjoyed the day on Saturday. Really interesting workshop which has given me plenty to work with over the coming weeks. Your enthusiasm made it fun as well as informative. I will certainly be telling friends, so do let me know the date of the next one and any offers for early bookings." Sally-Anne Sherfield


"You have a refreshing honesty and your personal anecdotes created a unique workshop." Susan Davidson


"Just want to thank you for a most interesting workshop on Saturday. You gave us so much information that my head was swimming! I found the content fascinating and informative, both on a personal and general point of view (I found myself thinking, as you went though the four schools, of certain people I know, eg my sister, thinking "she must belong in this school!" etc.)! I appreciated your "straight" talking and very direct approach with the many anecdotes. I think you were amazing! I am pleased to have participated as it has given me some insight into the "real" me." Catherine Ford





I want you to be thrilled by your experiences with me so if for some reason you can no longer participate let me know at least 7 days in advance and I will happily give you a full refund!
Once you take part in the offer you paid for and find you are not excited by what you receive, let me know why, then please return all materials sent to you with 7 days of the first day of the programme, and on receipt, I'll provide you with a full refund, less any materials used, within 30 days. Guaranteed!

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