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Feeling lonely?

peach-brown-nautilus-shell2 Feeling lonely? Yep… there are more of us on this planet than ever before and yet loneliness has become so common among us.

The first part of it is that everyone is so busy rushing around that we no longer have time to listen to one another, and it is about time we changed all that so let’s start to change.  Will you join me in agreeing to commit an hour a week to listening… not listening so we can interject our ideas or judge them but simply listening and empathising with someone, taking the time to really hear what they say. Remember when we communicate, 70% of our communication is body language, 23% tone of voice and only 7% is the words we use, so when I say listen I mean listen with your ears, eyes and heart.  The act of doing this will help both you and the person you are listening to… you will connect. The more of us who make this small commitment in our lives, the more we will change our society for the better… and the better we will all feel.

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