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Victoria B’s Hands: What do they reveal?

Please note: The following observations are simply from having seen a picture of Victoria Beckham’s hands and these observations are more a teaching aid for those interested in what certain things in their own hands mean, rather than fact regarding Victoria Beckham. I have never met Victoria Beckham and do not know anyone who knows her.

Are your hands quite lined? Victoria’s are! This is not as a result of age or being so thin, it’s a reflection of the fact that she thinks A LOT, that she has developed many different ways to respond to life. She is resourceful and a creative thinker.

Her career line (light blue on picture) has a healthy start based on what she wants and desires, and follows through straight and clear until it hits her heart line where it all but stops. This shows that she is very career focussed, a hard worker who follows through until her heart gets in the way. She will give up her career, bring a stop to it, to meet the needs of those she loves. The difficulty is that the drive to fulfil her desires will still be there and after a time she will begin to resent her loved ones even if they never asked her to give up her desires for them.


you have any callouses? She has a callous below her heartline (black ring on picture), under her ring finger which is indicative of the needs of her heart “blocking” her desire for fame, appreciation and applause, and the spotlight (Her high set ring finger shows that she puts a lot of effort into trying to get these things).

Victoria Beckham's Left Hand

She has a second lifeline (green) that is tied to her headline (dark blue) showing that she also has a VERY traditional side a bit like Simon Cowell, and given the lifeline from here is much longer she is likely to follow through on her traditional beliefs about her role as a parent and wife much more so than her momentary sojourns into independent action. It’s tough to have 2 sides of yourself pulling in opposite directions! [Like Simon Cowell she also has the cross between head and heartline showing she feels unsupported in her pursuit of the spotlight; it’s ll up to her.]

These are the signs of the modern woman:

How can I become all I want to be, fulfil all my desires and still fulfil the role of a wonderful mother and loving wife? It’s a constant balancing act that so very many of us live with day to day. If I do my career, my family suffers.

If I take care of my family the way I want to, my personal dreams are unfulfilled.

This is further echoed by the fact that the top of her index finger curves to her middle finger. Does yours stand straight or curve too? This is a sign of not taking actions on her dreams,compromising on what she wants. Her middle finger curves toward her ring finger showing that she is worried about what is right and what is wrong. Thinking, thinking all the time. Is what I am doing for my family the right thing? Is what I’m doing for my career wrong? This can make her indecisive and struggle to know what to value.

She has a small lower section on her little finger which shows that she struggles to trust, to be vulnerable with herself and others. Also, her heartline (in red) is that of a person who cares about others although she is reserved about it and keeps her feelings to herself.

Victoria struggles to find life fun. She is a worrier, a tightrope walker and she worries about her security and safety, which she puts a lot of effort into having, along with her pursuit of the spotlight (which tends to get derailed by her fear of being vulnerable). For us to be able to laugh and have fun we need to be able to feel secure, not to worry and just lighten up. Read the rest of this entry »




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