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Hands, hands, hands…

Left hand print All I seem to have been doing recently is printing hands! And it has been wonderful. I love the excitement that goes with it and the thrill people feel just to see their hands prints, and then the rapt interest that comes when I explain what their hand prints are showing… the nods of understanding, the way they begin to see what their lives are really all about… any hand analysis session takes time to absorb before its real impact can be felt in our lives.

The new year is not far off and it is such a wonderful time to reassess our lives and to think about how we might experience 2010. It is a wonderful time to find out just what your Life’s Purpose is, just what you are meant to be doing… it will help you to clarify the year ahead looking forward with hope and optimism!

Feel free to contact me at info@stepintoyourlight.com if you’d like to find out more about having your hands analysed.

There’s a map in my hands!

I took a trip to Tucson, Arizona to study hands! What an amazing experience. I was blown away by what my hands revealed about me… how they highlighted the issues that seemed to recur over and over in various disguises making the reality of who I had thought I was meant to be more and more elusive.  Turns out I am meant to be that person! It is my Soul’s Life Purpose! I just can’t get there because I’ve been hiding from my Life Lessons instead of embracing them and realising that it is the very act of living those lessons that will allow me to live the life I’ve always dreamed… I’ve been looking for direction all my life and now I find my map has been in my hands all along!  Finally I feel as if I’m stepping out of my cave and into my light…

If you’d like to step into your own light, let me show you how… Book a hand analysis session with me now…

Hand Analysis 1 - 2nd Oct 2009




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