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Amaterasu – don’t hide your light!

Amaterasu Amaterasu is the Japanese sun goddess, radiant, warm and compassionate.  She is the one who shows people their beauty and potential. The short version of the story is that she was so angry with her brother the storm god that in protest she shut herself in a cave and sealed it shut with a giant rock. As a result, the world was consumed with darkness. But the darkness within the cave was nothing compared to the darkness outside the cave. The people had lost their radiant mother and sat huddled in their homes, listless and hopeless. Without her light in the kingdom, they could not see their own strength and so had lost the will to go on. The world began to wither and die. In her headlong flight to the cave, she had lost her ability to see clearly… her light was truly dimmed.  She only eventually agreed to come out of her cave when she saw her reflection in a mirror. She’d never seen herself before and when she caught her reflection, she forgot her pain and fear, transfixed by her own radiance.

Are you hiding out in your cave? Have you ever really looked in a mirror and seen your true radiance? Are you depriving us of your light, making our world a duller place?

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What a relief… I’m normal! Yay!

I remember aged 18 or so turning around to one of my olderbrothers who had some hang-up about something or another, and saying “I don’t have any hang-ups!”. Ah, the pride of the young and innocent! What he said at the time really stayed with me, he said “Hel, you’re not old enough to have developed them yet.”…  Well I am now!

Then I participated in a psychosynthesis “essentials” course… I was interested in what psychosynthesis was all about. The 5 days on this “essentials” course were a real eye opener.  Perhaps not in the way the course organisers intended…!!


The “Aha!” moment the course gave me was to realise that every single one of us has issues… Until I participated on that course I was not aware that I subconsciously thought some people were so together they didn’t have any issues… (unlike me!).

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Manifest this… Manifest that…

We seem to be inundated with articles about how to manifest your greatest desires… The way the articles are written anyone would be forgiven for thinking all they had to do was to decide they wanted something and then they’d have it.  For some of us, this may well work, but I have found that we more often than not get in our own way without even realising it.

The key to manifestation is your emotions as emotions are what penetrate through to our subconscious and it is your subconscious that drives so much of what manifests in your life.

Our energy fields are fluid, are far more in tune with our environment than we realise but our emotions and our thoughts affect our auric body significantly.

If you are positive and feeling happy your energy expands and gets lighter and brighter, its vibration is raised. Because it expands it is more likely to touch others auras and so people notice you and loving the vibration you are at they are attracted to you.

If you are unhappy or sad we tend to unconsciously draw our energy in around ourselves, lowering our vibration and making our energy dense, more difficult for people to interact with.

How do you change your emotional beliefs?

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Space to be…

Marilyn Do you have some space you can call your own? The more people I talk to these days the more it seems that few of us have the space or the environment we need to thrive…

Having a place that is all your own, whether it is a whole ranch, a house, an apartment, a room or just a corner of a room, is essential.

You need to have dominion over this space.  It needs to reflect you and allow you to feel peace. It should be a place you can go to recharge your batteries, to think, to read, to be alone, to rest…

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Feeling lonely?

peach-brown-nautilus-shell2 Feeling lonely? Yep… there are more of us on this planet than ever before and yet loneliness has become so common among us.

The first part of it is that everyone is so busy rushing around that we no longer have time to listen to one another, and it is about time we changed all that so let’s start to change.  Will you join me in agreeing to commit an hour a week to listening… not listening so we can interject our ideas or judge them but simply listening and empathising with someone, taking the time to really hear what they say. Remember when we communicate, 70% of our communication is body language, 23% tone of voice and only 7% is the words we use, so when I say listen I mean listen with your ears, eyes and heart.  The act of doing this will help both you and the person you are listening to… you will connect. The more of us who make this small commitment in our lives, the more we will change our society for the better… and the better we will all feel.

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