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Saturn goes retrograde in Libra: How is this relevant to you?

With whatever you are creating at this moment in time and for the next 6+ months, a new product, a new programme, a new series of art, a book, a new relationship, are you expressing your authentic self? What about the things you’ve already created, the relationships you are already experiencing, do they reflect your inner core, your true soul?

Saturn is our teacher, and he insists on integrity. He gives us the challenges that allow us to grow and mature. He encourages discipline, the appropriate use of boundaries and structure, and the understanding of our limitations. Right now he has the spotlight on how you are expressing yourself creatively and in your relationships. He will demand you are true to yourself in these areas, he will ask you to create clear boundaries for the way you creatively express yourself  and for the way you interact with others. Events are likely to take place in your life for the next 6+ months that will force you to be honest about who you are, fundamentally, and those relationships that lack an honest foundation will have their inner core exposed. You will be forced to up your game, ready or not, so I suggest you get your mind and heart opened up and ready for the growth Saturn will demand of you. The more open and ready you are to it the more smoothly it will happen…

Are you in the School of Love (you’ll know this if you’ve had your hands read)? Do you have love as a purpose and emotional authenticity as a lesson? If the answer is YES, then these next 6 months will have an even deeper effect on you. Being in the school of love means you are here to be true to yourself, to be true to your feelings and express them and thus throughout your life you’ll have had experiences that were intended to deepen your emotional coffers, give you greater capacity to experience and understand emotion on all its levels. People in the School of Love have such big hearts that sometimes it is easier to shut off their emotions because they are so painful to experience and then when they do let them out they explode like a burst dam – all over the place! You are here to learn to be your true self, to express yourself honestly and appropriately as much in the moment as you can, especially in relation to others. So given that that is your life long experience and now Saturn has come along to shine a big fat light on one area of that experience, it is going to be a roller coaster ride for those who have been hiding out!

There is a huge upside to all of this. Saturn may well come along and issue us challenges in our life but fundamentally he is here not to break us down but to build us up, and the more we choose to take on board his teachings as they relate to us individually the quicker we will step up into our purpose, the quicker we will grow and the easier it will be for us to deal with future challenges we face.

A key understanding for me in life is that we all need to balance structure with creativity. In order to be truly creative we are more effective if we set ourselves some limits first. For instance if someone said you could create anything with anything, what is the bet you’d spend your life trying to decide what to create, whereas if I handed you a box of paints, brushes, beads, glue, scissors and different textured paper along with a 6×6′ canvas it is likely you’d be excited and thrilled by the possibilities and get on with expressing yourself. Well Saturn is here to help you define what is in your box of materials and the size and shape of your canvas so you can get on with expressing yourself in the most meaningful way.

For those of you who know something of your astrological chart and which house Libra is in your chart, here is a quick summary of the specific areas of your life that

Saturn is likely to be concentrating on:

  1. 1st house (self, identity and personal boundaries) – with Saturn in Libra here you may be asked to come to terms with how you are expressing yourself as a caring, empathic person and as an artist. Or you may be asked to look at your personal boundaries in terms of your relationships, are you being honest about who you are in relationship to yourself, your creativity and in relation to others? Saturn here can also mean you may experience some health issues, so take  alittle extra care of yourself during this time.
  2. 2nd house (value, self-esteem, money, possessions, how you value yourself) – Saturn in Libra here might be about your relationship to own wealth, your business and your ability to value who you area and what you offer in relation to others. How do you love yourself?  How you are relating to your self-worth and what you value?
  3. 3rd house (your own voice, close neighbours you interact with, siblings) – Saturn in Libra here is checking in with how you are expressing yourself, communicating and interacting with people in your close proximity. You may well have to address any lack of integrity you may ahve in terms of how you relate to your siblings.
  4. 4th house (home, tribe, original family, mother) Saturn in Libra here suggest domestic arguments and disputes, so look to ensure you are expressing yourself as you truly are, not like how you or your family expect you to be in relationship to them.
  5. 5th house (children, sport, fun, casual romantic partners, creativity) Saturn in Libra here asks you to really look at what you are creating, how you are having fun, how you are relating to the child in you or children around you, how are you expressing yourself in your casual romances but really the biggest highlight will be on your personal creativity as Libra is about creativity and so is this house.
  6. 6th house (students, disciples, mentors, coaches, work, pets) Saturn in Libra here means that your relationships with your work colleagues will be highlighted and you’ll be required to ensure complete integrity with them. this includes people who mentor you and those you coach or mentor.
  7. 7th house (contractual relationships) Saturn in Libra here will ask you to review your personal integrity in terms of the contracts you sign with others, how you negotiate with others and how you co-exist with those in longer term relationships with you whether that is your marriage partner or business partner.
  8. 8th house (serious relationships, deep ones with people whom you really bonded, taboo areas of life like death, mysticism, occult, things that are hidden and shadowy, other people’s money, sex) Saturn in Libra here can bring up the things you’d normally prefer not to talk about. These are often the things we are not in integrity about and so Saturn is going to ask you to get clear on who you are and how you are expressing your inner creative core (aka soul in this case) in relation to other people and what they value.
  9. 9th house (higher learning, philiosophy, other cultures, distance travel, spirituality, religion) Saturn in Libra here will ask you to review your view of the world, so how you express yourself in relation to things foreign and/ or in terms of your philisophy of life. Are you being true to your inner core in the way you look at the world, or the way you think you look at the world?
  10. 10th house (career, professional life, position in society, father) Saturn works well in the 10th house. We refer to it as being happy here so Saturn in Libra here can bring forward conflicts with co-workers and competitors that will ask you to examine how you are expressing yourself in relation to them, or it could initiate a whole new relationship with someone you are in business with, something that could work well for you. This is a good time for you to examine your potential relationships and then look into creaitng alliances provided you ensure you are expressing your integrity, remaining true to who you are and your personal boundaries. This could time could bring about a really positive professional shift for the better for you.
  11. 11th house (social life, groups, society,community) Here Saturn in Libra will create situations where you’ll be forced to look at how you are realting to your friends? Are they in integrity with who you are? What kind of social circles you run with? Are they expressing the authentic you? Who do you idientify with in terms of a community. How do you fit in? Are you comfortable. Do your values and theirs match?
  12. 12th house (dreams, things nebulous, drugs, institutions) Saturn in Libra here is very difficult in that Saturn is about all things to do with boundaries like discipline, structure, commitment, responsibility and reality, but the 12th house is that area of our lives where there are no boundaries, where we have no control, our addictions, our dreams, mental illness. When Saturn comes intothe 12th house it tries to create order out of chaos, give structure and tangibility to things that are by definition intangible. It is possible that if you have Saturn in Libra here you will be asked to look at taking control of those relationships that are addictive or you may be asked to start writing your dreams down and putting them in a journal. Or you may be asked to accept your psychic/ intuitive skills, and use them/ crearively express who you really are in your relations with others.

There are many, many possibilities of how Saturn plays out in each area and it will very much depend on how it is aspected by other planets, what is happening in the rest of your chart, so definitely get a reading or mini-reading to understand how this Saturn in Libra retrograde will impact on you personally.I am a life purpose hand analyst certified by the International Institute of Hand Analysis and, since I was so blown away by an incredible astrological reading I had age 21, astrology has become a passion of mine and I’ve now been studying it for over 20 years! The more I learn, the more I experience its power to guide me and channel my energies to be more effective, the more enthralled I am by the complexity of our Universe and how we are so minutely affected by it. Science is now starting to catch up with ancient wisdom.Hand analysis and astrology offer a great deal more than this but simplistically, hand analysis offers us a basic plan for our lives, a clear life purpose map, and astrology shows us where the focusses and influences will be along the way. These 2 ancient wisdoms have a very powerful symbiosis. It is my passion to give everyone a clear map for their lives so they can stop wasting time on things that will take them nowhere and get busy living their life purposes for their personal fulfilment and deep inner happiness leading to their success and abundance. If you’d like a life purpose hand reading or to talk about

what I do please feel free to contact me via my website: www.stepintoyourlight.com

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