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What are you doing on Valentine’s Day?

Interesting how the date of the burial of a celibate martyred Roman Catholic priest has become synonymous with the celebration of romantic love…

Personally I don’t think it matters what the origins of a tradition are, what matters is what that tradition means for people today. What you choose to do today will indicate what the day means for you… so what are you doing today? Do let me know!

What does Valentine’s Day mean for you? 

How do you feel about it?

When I was a young girl Valentine’s Day was so exciting, it was all about the hope of love and there is nothing more exciting to a teenage girl! As the years have gone by my feelings for the day have varied… the years when I was not in a relationship and didn’t get any cards or gifts were so traumatic and lonely, really bad for my self-esteem… the years where I had someone to celebrate with have had such lovely moments, but all in all, I’ve realised that I don’t like the “pressure” associated with  St Valentine’s Day these days.

I want the day to be about love in general, especially the pure hearted, unconditional love that we humans are far more capable of than we realise.  I want Valentine’s Day to be about opening our hearts to ourselves and those around us.[When I say opening our hearts I do not mean opening our wallets! :)]

So many of us are so busy judging ourselves by our society’s expectations that our individuality means we are constantly coming up short and this is not good for our self-esteem so start today, Valentine’s Day, by showing yourself some love.

Do something you love, spend time with people you love and make sure everything you say about yourself and everything you think in your head about yourself is positive!  You cannot truly love another until you love yourself, warts and all!

Let me know how you showed yourself love today! [You can keep the naughty info to yourself!:)]

Today I am going to take the time to remind myself of all the activities I love to do, the places I love to go, how much I love my pussy cats [the black one is going blind!! :( ], the things I love in my home but most of all I’m going to focus on all the love there is between my husband, myself and our children. For me today is going to be about being grateful for all the love I have to give and all the love that is given to me.

As Valentine’s Day and Chinese New Year are coinciding this year, love and gratitude, seem to be a pretty amazing way to start the year of Tiger! GRRRRR!

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