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The joy of December!

SouthMoltonStreetLights09 My favourite time of the year! It really shouldn’t be, it is dark and cold and dreary here in the UK, but we’re such a clever bunch…

we’ve turned all the dark, cold, dreariness into a ton of fun!! Lots of pretty lights, warm fires, roasting chestnuts, tacky decorations and lots of unnecessary nonsense in the shops that is such fun to trawl through…  Best of all it is the time of the year we take to celebrate family and friends.

Much attention is given to the way we abuse this season simply by either throwing money at it or allowing ourselves to become so stressed with trying to meet either our own or others’ expectations of us. My view is that if that is the way you choose to experience the season it is your responsibility, your choice. You can choose how you react to everything around you.

I choose to see the joy in the season, to find the ridiculously tacky reindeer decorations etc. huge fun, to feel the excitement of the hustle and bustle on the pavements in front of the shops, to love coming indoors out of the cold to a warm fire and the laughter of my children (okay, I admit, sometimes they’re yelling and screaming!!!), to revel in the anticipation of sharing time and gifts with my friends and my family.  I adore the way the shops, the streets and our homes are lit up with coloured lights – so inviting!

South Bank Market Can you imagine what this time of the year would be like without any reason to celebrate? Brrrr, dark, wet and depressing as far as I’m concerned. Our ancient ancestors had pagan festivals at this time of the year just to break up the winter time and to lift people’s spirits. The early Christians had to create a holiday to take over from the pagan festivals as they found that as much as they converted the natives they wouldn’t give up celebrating mid-winter.  I’m with them!!

Of course, modern day Christmas seems to incorporate the Christian and the pagan elements of the season, so it is celebrated by Christians and non-Christians alike, as it should be, each putting a slightly different emphasis on the celebration depending on their personal beliefs.


Whether you chose to celebrate Christmas or not, I hope you will take the time to look around you and find the joy and the gift in everything you see and feel this season.  Look at all the good reasons to be alive here, right now. Enjoy your friends and family – focus on the things they’re good at rather than nit-picking. Don’t “sweat the small stuff”, just go with the flow around you.  Let your hair down and bit… Smile, ’tis the season to be joyful!



Helen Evans is a non-predictive life purpose hand analyst and purposeful space designer.Her passion is to empower individuals to fulfil their dreams, entrepreneurial, spiritual and personal…to be paid for what they love to do, to live and work in spaces that make them feel good and to take care of themselves and their well-being.  She uses the pragmatism of her African upbringing and the deep intuition of her Celtic roots to guide her clients into the lives they really want.

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